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    The unique nature of horses and horse related businesses create property and liability exposures that aren't adequately addressed by most standard insurance contracts. Regardless of your activities, unless you are covered correctly, you may find the insurance you have purchased for so many years may be worthless at the time of a claim.

    If you are involved with horses, using an insurance agency knowledgeable about horse insurance and the horse business in general is an absolute must. Through our many years of experience (we are now in our fourth generation of agency ownership), we've developed a thorough understanding of the exposures inherent to equine related risks. Never again will you need to explain your need for specialized horse farm insurance or equine mortality insurance to someone who doesn't understand your business.

    Equine Insurance Specialists has access to a broad range of horse insurance products and services which have been designed from the ground up to specifically address horse owners and the greater equine community. From equine mortality insurance on one or many horses to horse farm insurance on the property you call your home, and everything in between, we have the flexibility to customize an insurance program to specifically fit your needs with the horse insurance company of your choice.