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    Coverage Summary

    Livestock Mortality Insurance is a form of non-guaranteed renewable term life insurance for valuable animals. The policy covers against loss by death from all natural causes including death from sickness or disease, or accident, fire or lightning, occurring within the term of the policy, anywhere in the United States and Canada. Theft coverage (excluding straying or mysterious disappearance) is included under the basic mortality policy at no additional charge. The Full Mortality policy includes up to $3,000 of emergency colic surgery coverage at no additional charge.

    Hartford Full Mortality policies automatically include Renewal Protection for horses under fifteen (15) years of age. Under the Renewal Protection provision, Hartford agrees to renew mortality coverage on any covered animal suffering from a life threatening injury, sickness or disease at the current limit of insurance. They will continue to renew the mortality coverage under this provision until the animal is over 15 years of age or the condition is no longer life threatening.

    In the event of a mortality claim, it will be settled on a Stated Amount basis, which means that you will be paid what the horse is insured for at the time of the accident, illness, injury or disease causing its death. Values insured for more than purchase price will need to be substantiated at the start of the policy.

    The Hartford offers brokers and insureds the flexibility to increase a horse's insured value at any time during the policy period - so the limit of insurance keeps pace as the value of the animal is enhanced by industry recognition, race performance, training, etc.



    Optional Coverages


    Various coverage endorsements are available to extend protection to key areas, including medical and surgical costs and "loss of use". Optional enhancements that may be added to a mortality policy include:



    Claims Service


    The Hartford makes experienced specialists available round the clock to respond to claims. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, these specialists ensure that its customers receive courteous service and prompt claims payment.





    This website provides an overview of The Hartford's Animal Mortality coverages and services. Coverage availability and premium rates may differ by state. For a complete description of all coverages, terms and conditions, refer to the issued insurance policy. In the event of a conflict between this website and the issued policy, the terms, conditions and premium rates of the issued policy will prevail.