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    It is a condition of your policy that immediate notice of any occurrence which could result in a claim involving any animal insured must be given by you, your representative, or other persons having care, custody and control of such animal. You may call any of the numbers listed below for the appropriate insurance company at any time. It is essential that you conform to all of the requirements of your policy since failure to do so may invalidate your claim.

    If you are insured by a company other than one of those listed below, please refer to your policy for the appropriate claims notification procedure. It may be necessary for you to contact our office first. 

    Our desire is to see that your claim is handled promptly and fairly. We will do everything we can to help you if you suffer an insured financial loss. In fact, in a recent national survey you told us you wanted your agent to be your advocate in any claims dispute with your insurance company. We'll be here for you!

    During our normal business hours -- 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, eastern time -- you may call our office at (800) 723-9414.

    Claims Contact Information by Program

    • American Bankers / American Reliable Insurance Company
      Phone: 800-245-1505
      Fax: (800) 224-4170
      Email First Notice of Loss:
      Email Correspondence:
    • American Equine Insurance Group, Ltd. - Underwriter
      Diamond State Insurance Company - Carrier
      National Equine Adjusting - Claims Contact
      (800) 783-9418 -- (502) 783-3561     Available: 24/7/365
    • Chartis Insurance (AIG)
      (American Home Assurance Company , Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania)
      Contact: Risk Specialists Company of Kentucky (866) 927-7475 -- (859) 272-8801
    • Great American (Equine Mortality)
      Call (800) 331-0211 anytime, day or night!
      NEW! Equine iPhone Application
    • Great American (Farm & Ranch, Liability)
      New Losses can be emailed to on the correct ACORD Loss Notice® or faxed to faxed to (513) 345-1361 on the correct ACORD® Loss Notice.
    • The Hartford Insurance Group
      (Hartford Fire Insurance Company)
      Hartford Insurance Company Livestock Department (800) 295-1815 day -- (800) 427-4876 night
    • StarNet Insurance Company
      Frank Aubrey II Equine Adjusting, LLC
      Phone: (800) 431-1565
      Local: (859) 252-0922
      Fax: (859) 252-0855
    • Travelers Insurance Group
      Commercial Insurance Claim Reporting (800) 238-6225