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American Equine Insurance Group, Ltd.

    Liability Insurance

    Whether your involvement with horses is private or commercial, your horse insurance needs likely fall outside the scope of your homeowners policy. Finding the right type of coverage for what you do should not be difficult. Equine Insurance Specialists offers a broad range of liability insurance products to cover most standard equestrian risks.

    Commercial Insurance

    Our commercially oriented liability insurance products address the widely varied needs of the traditional equestrian insured. Explained in more detail in their respective pages, these coverage forms are designed for equestrian businesses and professionals. If you activities include any commercial operations, even if no money changes hands, you should definitely consider one of our commercial liability products.

    We offer a variety of personally oriented liability insurance products as well. These coverage forms are designed for the non-professional equestrian. Of course there is an exception to every rule. Our race horse owners liability policy could be considered both a personal and commercial coverage - depending upon the form of ownership. For this reason we have included it in both the horse and business owner sections.

    The following coverages are only available through Equine Insurance Specialists in conjunction with an equine mortality policy. They are not offered on a stand-alone basis.